Xmas? Not Now!

I’ve just sent off for printing some quirkey Chirstmas Cards. These are images I’ve created over the past 20 years but never published. I’m printing them as a set which I will use as give aways. AKA “leave behinds”. They have nothing to do with my commercial work but have provided me with a creative break from photographing buildings much as my horific Holga work has. Many times traveling I would pack a small Christmas tree and lights and a portable power supply for them with an idea for the next odball place to photograph a lighted tree.

The first year in the Sand Dunes I used a car battery and a real tree. Too damn heavy. Ever since I could never find the right tree growing where I wanted it. So I brought my own.Bonneville-Salt-Flats-International-SpeedwayLost-Coast-Wilderness-Area-CAHumbolt-Redwoods-NP-CA San-Francisco-De-Asis-Taos-NM Sand-Dunes-Tree-Xmas02 Tent-Tree-Monunent--ValleyDeer-in-Head-Lights-Colorado-New-Mexico-Border

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Nude Hot Springs

Nude Hot Springs

Where can you go naked in hot springs and not be arrested?

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Where the Turkeys went the day before Thanksgiving

This is our camp site the morning before Thanksgiving. The Turkey on the grill wouldn’t stay there long enough for me to get the fire lighted again. Well at least I wouldn’t have had to thaw out a frozen bird as usual.

I shot this with my “professional point and shoot”, what an oxymoron.

Thanksgiving Turkeys on our grill.

Thanksgiving Turkeys on our grill.

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How to in-Camera Solarize with a Holga

If you’re going to solarize in camera it means that you are not going to use traditional methods of producing solarized prints. The method I used in the past was to make my darkroom enlarger exposure on printing paper from a negative, place the paper in the developer and then “flash” a short limited
amount of light on the developing print. This worked for me sometimes but results were very un-predictable and took a lot of time from when I took the photograph.

Through the error of multiple exposing the image, my Holga was producing
solarized results. Sometimes half or part of the frame would be solarized.

The colder the weather, the easier it seemed to be to make solarized shots.
More on the modifications I had to make on my Holga later.

Hint: It doesn’t involve using a special film.

Richard Douglas

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Jacobs Engineering Foot Bridge half Solarized

Jacobs Engineering Foot Bridge half Solarized

Half Solarized

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Lima Engine Works #7

Lima Steam Engine Works #7

Lima Engine Works #7

Holga shot of Steam Engine getting underway
The twin to this Engine, #9 lives in Silverton Colorado and has just
been renovated and put into service on the George Town to Silverton
Loop Railroad. Since #9 is just up the hill from me, I plan to photograph it soon.

Located high in the Colorado Rockies, Silver Plume the home to Lima Steam Engine Works #9 is also the home to Plume Lighting, maker of very high end lighting devices, soft boxes etc.

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